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What's Going On & Coming Up

Drawings on exhibition in Pittsburgh Still Time

Pittsburgh! I’m very excited to have seven recent drawings on exhibit in Lawrenceville at Be2 Gallery (3683 Butler Street). This is part of a show called Stories that also features the work of Marian Barber and Sundas Azfer. December 5, 2015 – January 13, 2015 Stop by for cookies Th and Fr 10 to 8,… Read more »

December Presale Wind Through Quiet Tensions cover

Wind Through Quiet Tensions is a book about my experiences with mental health crises, hospitalization, medication, yoga practice, and health.

Recent Writing

Reflections on Freedom, Ferguson, and Cognitive Dissonance

A few hours after my wife and I had a casual exchange about the cognitive dissonance at the beginning of this great nation, a grand jury declined to press charges against Officer Darren Wilson for shooting 18-year-old Michael Brown to death.

The Unveiling of Julia Haw

Catching up with the artist in the aftermath of her stunning exhibition The Western Veil.

The Unscience of Yoga

A musing on the tension between scientific inquiry and yoga practice, and why using one to define the other may have its limitations.