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What's Going On & Coming Up

Open Studio SUN 5/31 1pm–4pm A Place for Cautious Optimism

Open studios throughout the building! Come see what me and my comrades have been up to.

3-hour Extended Yoga Practice SAT 7/18 2pm–5pm adamgrossi-split

A three-hour yoga practice. More chanting, more movement, more resting, and more seated meditation.

Stick Figures for Yoga Sequencing SUN 8/23 12pm–2pm stick figures

A workshop dedicated to the art of drawing the stick figure.

Recent Writing

Life Lesson Excerpts

I was invited by The Chicago Perch (the publishers of my book) to present a Life Study at the Smart Museum in Chicago on Saturday, April 4th. Here are a few excerpts.

On Vastness and Skepticism: Entering the Field of Yoga

Reflections on entering yoga practice.

Reflections on Freedom, Ferguson, and Cognitive Dissonance

A few hours after my wife and I had a casual exchange about the cognitive dissonance at the beginning of this great nation, a grand jury declined to press charges against Officer Darren Wilson for shooting 18-year-old Michael Brown to death.