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What's Going On & Coming Up

Drawings on exhibition in Pittsburgh Still Time

I’ll be showing a handful of recent drawings in Pittsburgh in December 2014. More details are on their way.

So, I wrote this book. cover_TESTforsilkscreen

Wind Through Quiet Tensions is a book about my experiences with mental health crises, hospitalization, medication, yoga practice, and health.

Recent Writing

Reflections on Freedom, Ferguson, and Cognitive Dissonance

A few hours after my wife and I had a casual exchange about the cognitive dissonance at the beginning of this great nation, a grand jury declined to press charges against Officer Darren Wilson for shooting 18-year-old Michael Brown to death.

The Unveiling of Julia Haw

Catching up with the artist in the aftermath of her stunning exhibition The Western Veil.

The Unscience of Yoga

A musing on the tension between scientific inquiry and yoga practice, and why using one to define the other may have its limitations.